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Just wanted to throw this out there as i know there are a lot of people that add me to their "watch" list, or fav some of my works.  I know it seems like i spend a lot of time on here, but i really don't.  I do, however, really appreciate all of the people that take an interest in my works and me.  

On another note:  I appreciate all of the many friends that i have garnered on here, and just wanted to say thanks for being so awesome.  I know many of us don't see eye to eye on everything, but i appreciate your candor and amazing personalities that are so diverse. :D

Random wondering:  My girl and me were sitting around one night drinking wine, and somehow started playing this game, not sure if you've done it yet, but it's pretty fun.  You basically pose a "would you rather...." question to them, and give them two options.  Kind of a fun way to look at things.  So here's my question for you.......

Would you rather be a mermaid and transform every time you get wet, or would you rather be a werewolf that changed every time the moon was full.  (please note, my version of a werewolf doesn't mean you're turned into a savage, ravaging, you would have control of yourself in both cases.)

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